Back in action

Back to the regularly scheduled program!

I have been on a MAJOR blogging hiatus! Planning a wedding is seriously NO JOKE. It’s not even that it was so treacherous it’s just that it is so time consuming- and unlike other bloggers that you probably follow this is not, and I repeat,this is not my full time job! So- with that being said it got put on that back burner. But I’m back and actually super freaking PUMPED to start putting some serious effort into TSOC!

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This post is long overdue but I bring it to you in collaboration with Bus Stop Boutique-

It’s no secret that I quickly became obsessed with the brand,as you can probably tell from my Instagram feed, when I connected with Elena, the owner.

Speaking of Instagram that’s actually how I found these new favorite shoes of mine; I was just sitting there scrolling through the feed like I do on any typical day and I came across the most stylish oxfords I had seen – I hadn’t even realized they were right here in Philadelphia when I gave them the double tap.

I quickly set up a time to head into the store and to no surprise I was obsessed! Obviously with the shoes- but with Elena and her whole boutique too! I was partially tempted to keep this little gem of a spot a secret to my own little community because I love finding different and unique things that not everyone has but Philadelphia is the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ so I decided to share the wealth.

So, I originally fell in love with a different pair from the ‘Element ll’ collection – the ones I had first seen on my Instagram feed. When I went into the store they were all lined up and I just kept liking the one color combination better than the next….until….Elena showed me the pair sitting on their own little pedestal. No, I LITERALLY gasped!

The ‘positive negative’ she calls them –this sharp looking black and white oxford …as if it couldn’t get any more chic …they are,in fact, the positive and negative of each other essentially making it appear as if you have two different shoes on …and let me just tell you I was absolutely obsessed with the concept (hence liking to have ‘different’ things than everyone else)

I love everything black and white, naturally because it goes with everything but also because it’s timeless, chic and never going out of style!

I’ve been contemplating back-and-forth with the next color combo I will be snagging- always been a fan of the muted earthy neutrals…which was actually the inspiration behind this line.

Next time you’re in Philly make sure you pop in to BusStop – or give them a follow on Instagram I’m sure you’ll quickly become obsessed like I did!

You can purchase the shoes at the Philadelphia boutique, via email ordering or by calling in your order {free shipping}!
Ordering details below⤵️
Phone orders: 215.627.2357
Email orders:
In store: 727 South 4th Street Philadelphia PA

check them out on the PhillyStyleMag website


Bridal Shower

This past weekend we celebrated my Bridal shower at Terrain in Glen Mills PA – for those of you that are not familiar with Terrain its a beautiful venue space that can be used for special events or even small weddings. They also have a store and cafe attached both of which are my favorites.

When talk started of where I might want my shower Terrain was definitely my first pick! My sisters and bridesmaids completely blew me away with every detail of how they made my shower come alive!

Although I knew about my shower, there were many surprise elements. My favorite surprise was the ‘tea party’ theme where everyone was asked to either wear a fun hat or fascinator– of course my sisters ordered several for me to choose from!

I knew I wanted to go a different route for my shower than the typical white dress– I’m so glad I did! I loved it and it was a huge hit- MANY of you DM’d me for details so here it is along with ten other contenders I looked at here

Our engagement has been almost a year and a half already but in just 6 weeks I will be Mrs. Ace-we are so ready !


‘The Jacklyn’, Tesoro Leather X TSOC

Check out the ‘Jacklyn’ bag here…use code ‘threesisters’ for 10% anything on their site!

Here she is! Super excited about this secret I’ve been keeping! I’ve collaborated with Tesoro Leather, in West Chester, PA, to bring you a versatile bag that fits both the Tesoro and TSOC brand.

Collaborating with Brit and Emily has been very inspiring for me- not only because I love their work and was extremely flattered that they wanted to work with me but also because they are total #girlbosses that have built their brand from the ground up – from blood, sweat, determination, and passion. I knew from my first cup of coffee with them that I wanted to be speck in their story.

The ‘Jacklyn’ derives from their ‘Kate’ backpack… but I have chosen a lighter grey and white palette that you won’t find in Tesoro’s current line- which helps to keep the ‘Jacklyn’ true to TSOC brand!

What’s so lovable about this bag is that it can be worn FOUR different ways…



Shoulder Bag…


My favorite way to wear the bag is probably as a backpack but love that I can change up the style of bag depending on my outfit choice! The main section is super spacious – can fit a laptop and a few notebooks-or- a makeup bag, magazines and must haves for a flight. The two front white pockets makes access to your most essentials super easy and organized– and the gold hardware is chic a bold against the cooler grey tones.

Check out the ‘Jacklyn’ and other Tesoro bags here