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Warning this is a longer post but bear with me:
I’ve gotten quite a few DM’s about this recently so I’ve decided to just be 100% transparent- bloggers/ Instagram influencers make money blogging/ influencing. It’s not something I really thought was a secret, but nonetheless it’s out there now. There are several ways this occurs, one of them is commissioned based traffic from affiliate programs such as

I used to use the “linking” programs regularly but to be truthful they are a lot of work and require a lot of planning and time- I wasn’t seeing the return and I didn’t want to look pushy so I stopped using them for over a year -but- I get a TON of DMs asking for outfit details and honestly it just got so time consuming to respond so much on an individual basis that I decided to go back to using and the “swipe up” feature so that you have the links if you want them -honestly for you guys not so much for me. To be truthful the commission is so minimal anyway and most people just seem to use it for the link and then buy it through another browser anyway so we don’t even end up getting the commission ( yes, we can see when this happens in our analytics 🙄) Here is the truth of it, and you may disagree, but what we as influencers do is A LOT of work and MOST of us also work full time jobs. I assure you that it is not just posting selfies all day. I write pitches, I attend brand meetings where I pitch my brand for collaborations, I grill analytics, I write blog posts (not as often as I should but I’m working on that ), I attend events, I network, I plan and execute photoshoots, I pay a professional photographer for her expertise in photography and editing so I can post premium content (@carlylandoltphoto) I’m a stylist, I’m an editor, I have to stay on top of all the latest trend in fashion so I’m constantly researching, yes I do a lot of shopping, and I collaborate on events and projects, I’m an entrepreneur and I started all of this from the ground up; from nothing. I have a lot more work to do and still so far to go but all of that is ALL OUTSIDE of my full time job! So yes, I do believe that we as influencers deserve our commission -we are essentially personal stylist/ shoppers.

I keep watch of what you guys are “liking” or buying so I can gear my post accordingly because truthfully TSOC would be nothing without all of you, my followers. I want to keep giving you what you want to see while staying true to the TSOC brand. That’s honestly what’s so cool about these affiliate links; I’m able to send you guys the exact items of what I’m wearing and if they are no longer available I can do the shopping for you and find similar pieces that would work with the look and make them available to you with a simple click.

You’re either for it or you’re not and I totally get it- I just thought maybe being transparent about it might shed some light 🤷🏼‍♀️
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