Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to Three Sisters One Closet

When deciding “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I was equally pulled in three directions -a teacher -a businesswoman -somewhere in the “fashion world”.

My passion for helping people and my love for children landed me in a classroom for five years teaching elementary aged students. Although I truly enjoyed working with the children, there was something in me that still wasn’t fulfilled.

I believe in taking the time to do what makes your soul happy. So, I started this blog as a way to channel my love for fashion, shopping, and style. Who knows, maybe it will even turn into a business adventure as well!

There are fewer things that I enjoy more than new stationary, a brand-new pair of socks and color coding my closet but one thing that beats all of those is finding an incredible deal while out shopping. My goal when shopping is to find trendy pieces for a well put together look for inexpensive prices…. and splurging on a few must-have’s : )
As you probably could have guessed, I have two sisters, older twin sisters Erin and Lauren. We swap pieces often-essentially creating one large closet!
We also have a younger brother, Paul, that has been more than happy to let us do his shopping for him for the last 20 some years. Ha!
I live with my husband  Jeff, who loves me enough to give me nearly every closet in the house! Together we have a three-year old Catahoula Bulldog puppy (yes, I still call her a puppy) named Blu!



“Only two phrases can change a woman’s mood: “I love you” and “50% off”

“If you can’t stop thinking about it… buy it!”

“If you like it, wear it”