Never go wrong with Black+Grey

These are always my “go-to” colors and lately they have really been on repeat. I don’t know if it’s just me being ready for some Fall fashion trends to roll out or if it’s a reflection of what my soul speaks to ha! But you never can go wrong with black and grey.

I love being able to carry my athletic look throughout the day – not only is it super easy to style if you’re running low on time but it also just so happens to be Jeff’s favorite “style”. I call that a win win!

I have the links for you below but sizes are selling out quickly


Sneakers :


TSOC X Porsche

So here is the skinny in the situation- Jeff and I are in search of a new car. His lease is up and we are looking to add a second SUV to our fleet. With Blu, our large breed dog and our plans to start a family in the future we knew that we would both need to be in an SUV sooner than later. When Porsche of Conshohocken caught word that we were in search they reached out to tell us about the Macan model.

We instantly fell in love with the sleek and sexy body. It has a slightly smaller body than the current SUV  I drive now but obviously a bigger body than the sedan Jeff is getting out of. Notably Jeff’s favorite part was  the way the Macan handled- it has the luxury and space of an SUV with the steering, acceleration and smoothness of a car.

What I always look for first in a new car is ample trunk space for all of my shopping bags. ha! The Macan did not disappoint- although I was skeptical because it appeared to have a more compacted trunk space, let’s just say looks can be deceiving– plenty of room for all my Christmas shopping!

My favorite part aside from the luxe black and tan color combo  was the console and control station. Since I’m on the road often for work it is important for me to have and easy and adaptable interface for controlling music, navigation and temperature.

Excited to enjoy this little #sponsored joyride with Porsche!

travel plans for the year

We finally settled back in after our amazing trip overseas-

It was the first time either of us had ever been! Although there is so many positives to share about our trip- and that post is coming soon- one thing we definitely came back with was our desire to travel as much as possible!

We have a few trips lined up for the remaining of 2017 and early 2018 and trying to get as many in as possible over the next year or so. I’ve always had a bit of a traveling bug but recently it has bitten me hard and we now have a “Travel Dream List” that we want to work through.

Vegas- Miami-Massachusetts- St. Thomas are already on our list. If we are lucky, we are hoping to add Italy, Greece and maybe even back to Hawaii. Hey a girl can dream right?!

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Back in action

Back to the regularly scheduled program!

I have been on a MAJOR blogging hiatus! Planning a wedding is seriously NO JOKE. It’s not even that it was so treacherous it’s just that it is so time consuming- and unlike other bloggers that you probably follow this is not, and I repeat,this is not my full time job! So- with that being said it got put on that back burner. But I’m back and actually super freaking PUMPED to start putting some serious effort into TSOC!

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