‘The Jacklyn’, Tesoro Leather X TSOC

Check out the ‘Jacklyn’ bag here…use code ‘threesisters’ for 10% anything on their site! Here she is! Super excited about this secret I’ve been keeping! I’ve collaborated with Tesoro Leather, in West Chester, PA, to bring you a versatile bag that fits… Continue Reading

athleisure wear with new balance 247 sports

The athleisure wear trend is taking over Instagram and city streets by storm. In fact, I think it may even be the trend we look back on much like shoulder pads, MC Hammer pants, and windbreakers. I for one am… Continue Reading

Why Can’t I Just Be Carrie Bradshaw?

I must admit I was never an avid Sex and the City viewer -but- I have always envied Carrie’s ability to wear whatever the hell she wanted wherever the hell she wanted. I guess N.Y.C sort of lends it’s metaphoric hand… Continue Reading